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More about Mentoring

Mentors listen, coach, and advise. Mentors provide candid and honest appraisal of the mentee teams and their technologies and/or startup companies, pointing out options, considerations and recommending courses of action.


  • A team mentoring approach is used with a minimum of two mentors assigned per mentee team, attending the same mentor meetings, which provides a diverse and engaging perspective

  • Mentor/mentee meetings are flexible as determined by mentors and mentees, given the time required to accomplish key next goals/milestones

  • Mentor/Mentee meetings occur on average once per month, via virtual video conference or in-person meeting as driven by the mentor

  • The length of a mentor/mentee pairing is flexible, but generally 6 to 12 months, or longer

  • Networking events are held throughout the year to facilitate networking and relationship building among existing and prospective mentors and mentee teams

  • OSU mentee knowledge gained regarding business and technology commercialization during a mentor relationship is prioritized over specific technology’s successful commercialization outcome.  Getting to no-go recommendations on some inventions are just as important as moving others forward

OSU Cowboy Innovations Program Support

  • Providing commercialization training to OSU innovators on intellectual property, customer discovery, industry engagement and technology commercialization

  • Matching mentors and mentees based upon mentee need and mentors’ experience and/or interest

  • Facilitating communication between mentors and mentees including help with sending meeting reminders and scheduling meetings

  • Conflict of interest management in situations such as when mentors become interested in investing in startups, or assume compensated or uncompensated role with startups

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